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Passionate about our environment, certified carbon neutral. We are committed to sustainable practices.

By continually challenging ourselves and our partners, we can optimise our sustainability through new initiatives and innovations to become more efficient, less wasteful, and have a positive impact on the environment.

We’re making a difference to Climate Change. We have calculated and offset our total emissions, meaning our business no longer impacts the environment.

Sustainability Certifications

Encouraging sustainable thinking

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Eco-delivery route optimisation

Working within 3 working days to ensure that carbon footprint is minimised.

Utilising approved courier networks box

Utilising approved courier networks

We use approved networks of ‘last mile’ couriers to reduce carbon footprint and emissions at all stages

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Thinking & behaving sustainably

We use a minimum order threshold & reduce our visits to an individual site.

Super-hub distribution model

Super-hub distribution model

We dispatch from a single location rather than multiple depots, combining fleets with pre-established courier networks.

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Sustainability in our Workplace

Sustainability in our workplaces brings with it the need to use products that are “environmentally friendly”. This doesn’t just mean using products that contain eco-friendly raw materials – it means minimising all the many other environmental factors that arise in making and using washroom and cleaning products, such as energy consumption, transportation and waste disposal.

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Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Drop us a message and we’ll work with you to analyse and improve your products.

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