Using the template order form

Wouldn’t it be useful to store a list of all the regular products you use to save trying to find them each time? 

This is exactly what the template order form is for - you can store the products you regularly order on this template order form, and use it time and time again to quickly re-order your usual items.

How it works:

1.  First you will need to set up a template - click on "Order Templates" from your account dashboard, give your list a name, for example "Consumables" and click create list.  Then to save the products that you regularly order on the template order form, click into "view/edit template", type in the first product code and click submit - this will add the product to the template, and repeat this procedure to add all of your products to the template. You can even set up two or more different templates to help re-ordering - for example one template for paper products and one template for chemicals, or one template for each address you need us to deliver to.

2.  When you next log in, click straight on to “Order Templates” from your account dashboard.  You will then see a list of your template orders - click into the template order and follow the procedure below.

3.  You will now see a list of all your saved products with your current, up to date price displayed.

4.  Fill in the quantities you require of each product.  If you do not want to order a particular product on this order you can just leave the quantity at zero - this will not add this product to the basket, but will leave it on your order form ready for next time!

5.  Click "Add selected items to order" - this adds any products you have ordered to the basket.

6.  Proceed straight to checkout - your order is completed as quickly and simply as that!!

Of course, when you have added the regular products to your basket, you are free to browse the rest of the shop if there is something else you want to look for before you proceed to checkout.

This list will then still be stored under your template order form ready for the next time you need to order, and you can come back to it and use it every time you need to re-order and you can even change/add/remove products as necessary.

Ordering just couldn’t be easier with this template!!