Fenton paper consumables

The exclusive Fenton brand of washroom paper is unique in the away from home market in the UK. This brand fulfils the requirements of offices and facilities throughout the UK, providing a comprehensive range of high quality products in keeping with the image that is essential in today’s demanding office environment at pricing levels which are often only accessible to high volume users of paper consumables. This luxury isn’t at the expense of corporate responsibility raw material sourcing is carefully managed to ensure environmental impacts for our future generations is cared for.


Triple 8™ cleaning products

Triple 8™ is a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals specially formulated for the professional user to give ultimate performance during use and an excellent end result. Each product is carefully researched and developed to ensure that you get only the best, and that each product has the minimum impact on the environment. The Triple 8™ range is fully backed by COSHH Data Sheets - these ensure that vital Health & Safety information regarding usage instructions and technical data is readily available.


Triple 8™ wall charts

The whole range is fully colour coordinated to help users differentiate between chemical categories. Bespoke Triple 8™ Wall Charts are available to assist with the ongoing usage instructions for users of the chemicals. The wall charts are laminated to provide protection in damp environments and are tailored to suit the chemicals that you use, and include brief descriptions for each product, brief and essential Health and Safety information, colour coding to designate areas of usage for each product.