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Full Control

  • Have complete access to your ordering history (per site)
  • Set budgets per site to make sure you never overspend
  • Order approval system so staff can put in order requests, which are then sent for approval

Fast Orders

  • Reduce the time you spend on purchasing by up to 80%
  • Order templates allow you to make repeat orders easily

Ease of use

  • Save time, money, wind and retain contracts quicker.
  • Access MySupply on the go with our mobile & tablet app
  • Create an account for each member of staff

The easy way to order your class leading cleaning supplies

Our customer portal makes ordering time efficient and easy, with budget management, subscription orders and reporting you have complete control.

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"Where we are now is a million times better from where we were with our previous supplier. The online ordering portal is very good, and let's us know where we are in relation to spend, it's simple to use and got no issues."

Valued MySupply Customer