What is Foam Soap?

Foam soap starts as a liquid, the dispenser injects air into the liquid and thus making foam out of it. It generates a lot less liquid in your hand but due to the fact it spreads more easily it gives you the impression that you are using a lot. Foam soap is pre-lathered, so users do not have to run water to lather up.

Cost Savings

Studies show that foam soap users use 16% less water to rinse off.  This means commercial users like airports, schools, office buildings and even hospitals can save on the water bill with significant impact.

Wasting less soap means buying less soap. Foaming soap dispensers release 0.8ml of soap per dose whereas regular liquid soap dispensers release a minimum of 3ml per dose. Foam soap allows users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap.

Environmental Benefits

With foam soap being a diluted form of liquid hand soap, less soap is used per hand washing session. Due to less soap being used it is less likely to clog drains and pipework up which cleaners usually use a harsh chemical or detergent to resolve.

Other points previously mentioned include: savings on the water usage, more hand washes per pack with foaming soap, reducing packaging so less waste and less need to buy as much soap which also decreases the need for transportation which in turn lowers the levels of pollution.

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