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Happy Staff.

It has been proved that the quality of the bathroom products have an impact on staff. Wouldn't it be nice to improve the feelings and productivity of your staff? This can be one easy step for you.

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Ordering, how you want it.

Ordering is so easy, from anywhere, just log in from your desktop, tablet or smartphone and get going on your personal template. Done.

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Ordering how you want it


Users of washrooms in the workplace are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of what they are using on the environment and how what they are doing and using can impact on the environment that we share.

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Improve Hygiene.

A high proportion of our time each day is spent in the workplace where we interact with colleagues, working alongside them, sometimes even hot desking, and sharing the same facilities.

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Happy Budget.

Our aim is to reduce your costs as well as increase the quality! Better quality products actually reduce the amount you use, and your wastage. This coupled with Castle's immense buying power means that the end result is "Increased quality and reduced costs".

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Knowledge and understanding of your challenges comes as standard. Our range of products is perfectly suited to our corporate partners, and helps you achieve the goal of looking after your clients and colleagues alike.

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Hassle free solutions are available to you. Just imagine improved quality, reduced costs, happier staff, automated hassle free deliveries. Actually make it a reality and sit back and enjoy.

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